Friday, May 1, 2009

It was a relatively feeble connection we called upon in southern France: cousin's (brand new) husband's parents. People we had met once, at said cousin's wedding. Still, they responded eagerly to an email inquiry, so we decided to make Magagnosc a stop.

It would have been a tragedy to miss. Stepping unto the Johnson's patio was like stepping into a postcard, and spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and sons was like spending time with dear old friends. I thought originally that the view of Cannes and the coast from my bed must be unparalleled, but when Mrs. Johnson acted as our personal chauffer practically all day, we found out just how much beauty southern France has to offer. No wonder it's a celebrity hang out. Our brief trip to the nearby city-country of Monaco was just the icing on a really good cake.

Speaking of food, we left a really good Gouda cheese there from (guess where-) Gouda, Holland as a miniscule token of thanks. Still, we're indebted to so many people as a result of this trip it's almost scary.

Here in Barcelona (or Barthelona if you want to say it like a native) we're showing ourselves around, and enjoying a Starbucks for only the 2nd time this trip ( that even healthy to fast that long?). But, it's stopped raining now, and I think we'll go see some Gaudí--the Seuss-i-cal architect Barcelona is famous for. We've seen so much this trip that truly unusual looking works are hard to find. The famous church La Sagrada Familia by Guadí just outside this Starbucks was truly different, and I enjoyed it. Row and I would have piad to get in if the line outside hadn't been half my life long.

Happy Friday

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