Friday, February 20, 2009

So I bought a backpack

Yes, it was time. After shopping the market for some weeks I finally settled on a sleek, aerodynamic, high-mileage pack that will transport my life through the urban jungle we know as Europe. It has a pretty good payload, an excellent variety of pockets, and a rain fly with enough water protection to take it snorkeling. Okay, maybe not. All in all, I think I'm ready to trust my earthly belongings to it's care.

Thank you Deuter for making the Futura Pro 42 Fire/Granite model. I'll keep it close.



  1. Rule #366 of the Royal Blogsphere
    Thou shalt upload a picture of any mentioned purchased merchandise. ;-)

  2. I hereby would like to protest your brash usage of the letter "k"-- not that either of us have sole proprietorship of the letter, however I do feel that I have twice as much claim as you might have. :-)

    OK, so fine... I wish I was going with you guys. Maybe I can join you vicariously through the letter k.

  3. My sincere apologies Aaron. I have remedied the situation.