Friday, February 20, 2009

Buying the bare essentials...

Row and I had been in the REI store like an hour and I knew that even though he wasn't complaining, my time was running out. After all, his whole interest in coming had died the moment he saw that once again, the unknowledgable GPS man was staffing the area today.

“Do you like this brand?” I asked, pointing to some travel underwear, and trying to hurry my last few decisions. Forking out twenty bucks per pair of underwear, after all, is not something that should be done hastily.

His lips poofed out and he bobbed his head slowly in a confusing confirmation.

“Are they comfortable?” I figured specifics might help the answer.

“Well they dry fast.”

“Oh.” So nix on travel underwear brand 1. I mean, how much should drying capacity outweigh comfort? It's not like I'm planning on wetting my pants—they'll have all night to dry when I wash them.

I finally decided on travel underwear brand 2, and I can testify right this moment that they are comfortable. Perhaps I'll take them into the shower with me tonight, and by dawn's early light find out whether or not I've made a big mistake.


  1. Hmmm... good to know I have a friend who might become the world's expert on travel underwear. Let us know what kind of drying time it has. :-D

  2. you don't have to post a picture of this one. ;D

  3. I doubled over in laughter. TMI can be a wonderful thing, ya know. Thanks for the coffee-break-laughter-relief.