Monday, March 2, 2009

Tough Calls has been running their biggest sale event of the year, bringing must-have gear into, well, not the realm of affordability, but at least a semi-discounted rate. Let's face it though... even 20% off Icebreaker makes me happy! So anyway, several items on my Life/Europe Wish List are now on sale. Alas... I have come to the extremely tough realization that I do not have the money for any new gear, and thus will have to rely solely on clothes I currently own for this trip.

News point number 2: I have realized that packing for 5 weeks in Europe and keeping that pack to 22lbs is going to be, ah, extremely difficult. This realization hit as I am in Week 1 of a four-week trip to Texas, California, and Guatemala with basically the same gear I would like to take to Europe and it's pushing the 50 pound mark. Yeah... not cool! It would be fine if I were Kennan. He just has to bring clothes. But no... I'm Rowan. I have a 400lb. camera. I have a laptop. I have batteries, tripods, lenses, and chargers. In fact... I think just my shooter kit that I toss over my shoulder when I run out the door for a quick photo shoot is around 15lbs. If only I could just lose weight and have that transferred to my baggage allowance... :-S

So, now we combine points 1 and 2... I'm trying to figure out how to get a smaller laptop and a lighter camera. I wonder if any Canon 5Ds are getting laid off and want to live in my backpack for a while...


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