Sunday, March 15, 2009

Living big

Hey! My mom forwarded me this clip from YouTube and I liked it, so I decided to share it. Yeah, this trip to Europe probably has to be classified as "vacation," but really it's daring to dream and live big and taking up the challenge of loving God and loving our neighbor with all our hearts.



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  1. Thanks, Ro. This was good. You know, the cool thing about this analogy is that if we actually get up and walk the high-wire of living and doing and loving as God calls us to, His grace acts as a safety net, protecting our falls. He always equips for His callings. Phil. 2:13

    So here's to living that crazy, dangerous life, existing for a cause outside of ourselves and bigger than we can comprehend, the kind of life that no "normal people" dare to live. As dangerous as this life may appear, there is no safer to dwell than in the center of God's will.