Monday, March 9, 2009

How To Conquer Guilt

The key to conquering guilt is to rationalize it. The following is a hypothetical situation with several examples of how one might rationalize, and consequently effectively suppress the troublesome guilt. Note that the rationalizations need not true, so long as one suspects them to be true, or can cause him or herself to believe them to be true.

For example:

"I feel guilty that I haven´t done anything to plan for the Europe trip."

-The boys are better at it
-The boys WANT to do it
-I don´t care where we go
-I´m bad at it
-I don´t know how to do it


  1. Madam, thank you for your helpful post. Your advice has enabled me to suppress a profound sense of guilt in my own life.

  2. Guilt suppresses virtues. I'm glad you have rid yourself of such a vice.

  3. Funny... I was feeling slightly guilty myself about planning our entire and just going to the places I wanted to see...

  4. Way to let men be men, Micale...