Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a strange sort of feeling, sitting here with not a sibling in sight. I was left to study here in the hostel in Venice about an hour ago, and until now, that's what I've been doing. Idiotic, I know, studying. But there's just one more little bitty online credit to get while I'm here. Unfortunately, the pages of my textbook which I ripped out and carried across the Atlantic with me were misplaced in an internet cafe in Rome, and I'm doing all my studying the hard way--google searches.

Studying was halted a few minutes ago, with the presence of crazy next to me, who is currently staring at me, calling me names like "crack-pot," "paranoid," and "Americanos." Also, he is cackling, telling me "no more checking e-mails," and mumbling things in other languages which are probably ancient curses. It's not like any Italian I've ever heard. Frankly, I'm pretty creeped out.

Wow. Finally. He got the computer he was waiting for. Maybe he'll leave me alone now. I hope you weren't worried, Grandma. I've got some pretty mean self-defense moves and major adrenaline reserves.

We're heading to Holland tomorrow bright and early. We'll catch the ferry from the hostel here at 5:o5am, take a train or bus or something to the airport, and then fly to Amsterdam. We'll miss the gelato and pizza of Italy, but I for one am eager to see what other countries have to offer.

Better stop procrastinating... Later.


  1. Crack-pot? and paranoid? I'm dying of laughter at this very moment. Holy. Cow. The weirdo!